The Producer

To my surprise, I started to be very interested on the business side of the show-biz. Acting in films is one thing, but to actually put a film together, that’s an art of its own; and I like it. I am currently producing my first project, and by industry standards, it would be equivalent to a short film. The project is a proof-of-concept based on the book If I Should Speak, by Umm Zakiyyah. A director I work closely with, Adnan,(Doctor Director, Eddie) has been approached by the writer to direct the movie, but her investors want something to see, before putting their money on the table. So he asked me to assist him to produce the project. My reward? Helping a project get made, and hopefully score a role in the feature film. Decent trade. Again, my advise to actors starting out is the same same advice I got from my acting mentor John Bourgeois back in my Humber days: “Make your own work”. Follow my blog and see how it turns out…


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