Author of your own life, Happy New Year 2013!


I wanted to take a moment to wish you a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! I sincerely wish you Siberian health, Jewish richness, French love and Gipsy worry-ness! (The rest is all available at the Chinese). But honestly, I hope that you take what you learned in 2012 and apply it to your benefit in 2013, and for the years to come!

As for 2012, well, it has been an ok year, generally speaking. Despite the fact that the Mayan civilization managed to scare the crap out of us centuries after their extinction, we’re still here; so that’s a relief. But on a smaller scale, 2012 has shown me some ups and downs and I’m sure it is no different for you. Some of us may have lost a loved one in a difficult break-up, while others lost a loved one in the family (may they all R.I.P.) Some may have lost a promotion at work, while others may have “lost” their work access card. I’ve personally experienced most of the above. I’ve been through a break-up, I’ve attended two funerals and as an actor, God knows how many auditions I didn’t book. But, that’s not what 2013 is about. 2013 is about moving on, moving forward and what we’re going to do to get there.

Someone once told me that when a baby is born, his destiny is already written. So with that in mind, it would be safe to say that much of our daily life is left to chance, luck and destiny. I personally believe that is only partially true. The other part is that you have to make your own luck. So whatever you think you missed out in 2012, don’t beat yourself up. Stand tall, look up, create your own opportunities for 2013 and make it happen. We often pray to God asking for favors and miracles without realizing that we have the power to make those miracles. Think about it: you have the power to fall in love again. You have the power to graduate from whatever school and you certainly have the power to hunt for a new job or audition for another role (in the case for actors). Sure, there will be bumps on the road, but that’s ok. Overcome them, take them as lessons learned and keep going.


Analyzing your achievements in the previous year can be equally important. Looking back in 2012, my film Searching For Angels with Veronika London and Vivica A. Fox premiered at Reelworld Film Festival, which was amazing, considering all festivals are flooded with submissions these days. Last year I also took a stab at producing If I Should Speak alongside director Adnan Siddiqui. I visited my family in Europe 3 times last year and I’m very grateful. Also my best friend John got engaged and my uncle Dan wedded in Romania last year. As for me, I was fortunate enough to meet the most adorable and sweet real-life princess. So despite the hard times a year an bring, there’s always a bright side to things. Focus on that.

As for the New Years resolution, don’t even get me started. I want to have a 6 pack, unless the 8 pack is on special. My New Years resolution is to simply be better at everything that I do. I’d like to be a better friend, boyfriend, son, brother, nephew, cousin, actor, producer (more on producing later on). Without sounding naive, if we can manage to be at our best at all times, something incredible must happen eventually. Someone has to notice it. Someone has to appreciate it. And if you believe in God, he will eventually reward you for your kindness 😉 So in 2013, I promise to myself that I will be a better person, including, but not limited to: eating better, sleeping more, studying more, helping more, working harder… and see what happens. The New Year has 365 days. Look at it as new book of 365 pages and you’re the author of your own life, one page at a time 😉

How was your 2012? What are your plans for 2013? Any New Years resolution you care to share?