If I Should Speak reaches Saudi Arabia

While working behind the scenes of If I Should Speak, I took a break and started to browse the web. As I was surfing different websites, I figured I can do some more research on the IISS book itself (yes, my breaks from work occasionally consists of more work) and I found an interview I did last summer with Arab News, about the making of the movie! Allow me to explain the exclamation mark at the end of that last sentence. Not only is Saudi Arabia’s first English news paper, since 1975, so it’s an honor to be interviewed by them but they’re also located 10,000 Km away from Canada/USA East Coast. So, as a first-time producer, when my first independent film grows legs and travels that far, while still in the development stage, it’s a double honor. I’ll let you read the article, and please, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


PS For your convenience, I also attached the screenshots of the article below 😉

PS 2 About the working on my break thing, I’m not a workaholic, I swear. I’m just.. very passionate 🙂