Symphony Dark Private Screening

Even though it was a private screening, allow me to take you through the night. I’m gonna skip the speeding across town through traffic to make it on time and the parking headache; given the weather conditions we had, that was just a pain. But we made it just in time to grab some okay-seats and to hear actor (and star of the film) Mark DeNicola’s beautiful speech. While he pointed out everyone’s effort and thanked Director Wil Wong for this wonderful opportunity he gave us all, he also acknowledged the struggles we went through as an independent production, which was a nice refresher for the audience and is always to be appreciated.

The film tells the story of Nora Denuci (played by the sweet and talented Jennifer De Lucia) and Drayton Wren (played by Mr. DeNicola) who are “randomly” selected to run financially-troubled tech company Grundy Automations, currently ran by an edgy Claire Bloom (the super talented and potential upcoming Meryl Streep of Toronto, Lindsay Lyon). Throughout the movie, we learn that Grundy’s competitor, James Rivoli, (played by Jared plumb) is not only ahead of the curb of the much anticipated Syphons (robots that would help patients suffering of severe trauma with their memories) but that he’s also highly skeptical of new CEO’s Nora and Drayton. The story takes a slow 180 degree turn on the past of Drayton and Nora showing that they weren’t quite selected at random and have quite a shared history. My comic-relief character, Cliff Dobbs, is only present to provide his cloths to Drayton, whenever he has a meeting or charity event to attend. However we slowly wonder weather James was involved as well from the very beginning. And if so, how? Little do we know that (shockingly) Claire Had a surprise for James (and the audience) that puts her ahead of the high-tech Syphons, which Nora and Drayton have never, never, never seen coming. I will ruin it for you: it’s not a happy-ending. But it is a satisfying one in the sense that it does explain a few things. All the cast did a PHENOMENAL job, I have to admit. Mark and Jennifer’s chemistry on screen is so pure and natural, it makes me want to see the sequel. Jared made me hate him on screen, which is a good thing in acting language. Lyndsay simply stole the movie, period. Her character’s sharp attentiveness to details was noticeable and it paid off. Claire Bloom dominated every scene. Matthew Carvery’s The Scientist was a great portrayal of a more normal scientist than the regular average crazy weird awkward scientist we’re used to see in many sci-fy films, which was a nice smooth touch. As for my character Cliff and my partner in screen-crime, Kelly Paoli, I enjoyed every second on screen and off screen with her. Kelly you were not only gorgeous but wonderful as Sally and I hope our next movie will explore our characters in full (even as Syphons, I’d be ok with that 😛 ).

I must emphasize the film turned out much better than I anticipated. When I initially read the script, the sic-fi aspect of it was unimaginable (Syphons, robots, iPad 7, etc.) and considering the independent budget, with all the CGI that went into it, the film looks BEAUTIFUL. It’s an achievement in indie-film business which puts filmmaker Wil Wong on the map, and maybe even in the indie-film history (starting with imdb and festivals to follow).

The screening, was followed by the after-party with friends and family, coming together to celebrate our passion for film. I’d like to give a little shout-out to my friends who attended and came to support me: Gazzy, actor Nelson Peraza, the talented singer Brittany Scott and Emily Hatfield. Thank you guys for coming out, I appreciate the love and support. I also want to thank director Wil Wong for casting me as Cliff and giving me the opportunity to show the film industry I can play more than just a wife beater or pimp. It felt good to break from the type-casted shield 🙂

The after-after-party continued at a club who’s name I cannot recall, but I do remember it involved lots of salsa dancing (to pop music… I know, right…)

And I know you want see ALL the pictures, but I currently possess only the pictures taken with my amazing Apple iPhone 5 device 🙂 – Professional pictures to follow. Enjoy! 20140202-215403.jpg20140202-220044.jpg20140202-220017.jpg