Attending the ADC+ADCC Triple Screening in Toronto

For those of you out of loop, the Art Directors Club is a gathering place for leaders in advertising and it brings together a group of the most creative talent in the world and judge advertising for is (this may come as a surprise to many of you): art! Today’s ads are more creative than ever, and ADC members share the vision of their founder, Louis Pedlar, by funding programs to Connect, Provoke and Elevate creative professionals around the world. And these ads are the most creative of the most creative.

Last week, I had the pleasure to attend the ADC+ADCC Triple Screening in Toronto at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema in Toronto. It was such a beautiful experience! It was a great social event; I met lots of beautiful and aspiring people that I can’t wait to collaborate at one point in my career. I attended the event representing along with its owner and founder, Lidia Vijga. Now, I am not a member of the ACD, so who am I to judge? But in all creative honesty, I have witnessed, cheered and celebrated in the bar across the street some of the most AMAZING & CREATIVE of advertisements of 2012. From BMW’s commercial that highlights precision and perfection, to Adam Tensta’s new One Copy Song which travels the world literally one play at a time; there is currently a list which you can skip by sharing the the song through Facebook and Twitter. Now that’s creativity and marketing at its best. A great conversation-starter also was the video on the website which revolves around the question “How many slaves work for you?” Which I’ll let you figure it out, it’s pretty much straight forward. The list goes on, but I will just let you click the links below and enjoy them for yourself.



Adam Tensta’s One Copy Song:

Google Eyeglass Live demonstration:

Contagion Viral Marketing Campaign (guess the budget in the comments!!!):

How Many Slaves Work For You?: