Every Door, Every Floor – WRAPPED

WOW What an amazing shoot! I was extremely lucky this past weekend to be part of this fabulous short film called Every Door, Every Floor. It’s a great story with fantastic characters. I loved my character from the beginning of the script, until the very last page. I played the role of Brent, an over confident salesman who indirectly contributes to Vincent’s nervous breakdown. Vincent is the main salesman, who cannot sell but he tries very hard to succeed in the company, in and his life, And when my character Brent makes sale after sale and slams a “Boom!!” in his face with every single sale, well, it doesn’t help (and yes, it was LOTS of fun to play a jerk…playing the asshole just got better with this role). I am very thankful to be part of the project because not only I have worked with a talented (up-and-coming) director, Stash Capar and a great Writer/Director of Photography, Harris Usanovic, but I also worked with cast and crew I knew from previous sets (Searching for Angels, 6 Ways to Sundown) and that’s always a beautiful feeling/experience (It’s like finding an old high-school buddy in your new college program: “OMG, you’re still alive!” It’s reassuring, to know they’re still in the business).

Director Stash was so easy to work with to the point that it was ridiculous. His simple but yet very specific directions allowed for so much freedom and flexibility that my performance is really the purest collaboration of an actor and director. As an actor, it’s important, if not crucial, to feel comfortable in the environment the director has created in order to give your truest performance; and Stash did just that. The result: the entire cast gave an UNBELIEVABLE performance and I am proud to be part of it. Although I’ve met actress Aniko Kaszas on the set of the 6 Ways to Sundown trailer, working with her was fantabulous. She’s not only a great actress, but also a generous actress/scene partner; because she gives a lot to work with, and her performance will speak for itself. Actor Christian McKenna aka Vincent was simply incredible. He portrayed the character with so much integrity, it’s scary. Produced by Kegan Sant, the set was incredibly well put together and very well organized by team of wonderful crew members. I am confident that the film, shot on a RED camera (if you don’t know, Google it) will look like a million bucks (well, the short version of it anyways).

And since it’s my blog, allow me to show-off a little bit: When in my close-up, not only I cried and laughed hysterically, but it was a One-Take-Wonder! (Google it). I was pleased, impressed, shocked but also very proud (you have to be proud of your own work sometimes…). Well, enough typing and reading; I’ll let you guys enjoy the pictures gallery.

BOOM!! (That was Brent… he will live forever…inside me…)