Updated Acting Demo Reel

An actor’s headshot and resume is an actor’s business card. That’s what gets him, or her the audition. However I strongly believe an actor’s demo reel is even more important than the headshot or resume because it highlights and showcases the actor’s talent. The demo reel shows casting directors and producers what the actor can do; what’s his or her acting chops. It’s basically a commercial for showcasing the actor’s talent.

Since I played in quite a few films and short films recently, it was time to update my demo reel. The video includes footage from Searching For Angels, Doctor Director, Symphony Dark and 6 Ways to Sundown. It’s pretty much a mix of gangster, romantic and goofy characters. Below you’ll find the YouTube link to my new acting demo reel. Let me know if you like it in the comments below, or if I should quit acting. Actually don’t say that, it’ll hurt too much.




Alberto’s Newsletter coming soon!

I have to be admit one thing when it comes to acting: it takes forever. Not only to get rich and famous, but also to shoot the next film. Auditions are slow these days (blame it on the season, not my headshots) and whichever projects I’m attached to, they’re in development, which tends to be a very slow and long process. Oh, and the projects I’m in so far, distribution isn’t happening (fast) either. However, I do get the privilege to be a struggling actor, among many others, in the film industry. You can’t put a price on that.

So, with the too-much-time-on-my-hands, I figured I would focus on starting a Newsletter. That way, I’ll be able to send out a public email notifying all of you out there whenever there is actually something happening in my acting career; and considering the numerous projects lined up, it will get busy and exciting! (seriously).

So hang on just a few more days and the first Newsletter will be released. Since I can be very indecisive when it comes to design, choosing a template can be very frustrating. If you’d like to be the first to receive the Newsletter, simply leave your email in the comments below. (I also take constructive criticism very well).

Have a good one folks!


Alberto Tihan in Canadian Immmigrant magazine

If drive you drive around in a Lexus or MBW, you probably haven’t seen this. But if you commute on a daily basis, you most likely read those free used cars or new condos magazines distributed in the yellow boxes by the bus stop. Ever read the Canadian Immigrant magazine? Me neither. But I recently did an interview for Canadian Immigrant, and by recently I mean months ago, and I thought it went well. Here’s a picture of the article:


Unfortunately, it’s not a digital magazine and only hard-copies are available. But feel free to keep staring at the picture.

Any of you relate to this? Immigrating to a new country and working hard towards a rewarding career? What were your bigger obstacles? How does it feel to look back and see your struggles and accomplishments?