Author of your own life, Happy New Year 2013!


I wanted to take a moment to wish you a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! I sincerely wish you Siberian health, Jewish richness, French love and Gipsy worry-ness! (The rest is all available at the Chinese). But honestly, I hope that you take what you learned in 2012 and apply it to your benefit in 2013, and for the years to come!

As for 2012, well, it has been an ok year, generally speaking. Despite the fact that the Mayan civilization managed to scare the crap out of us centuries after their extinction, we’re still here; so that’s a relief. But on a smaller scale, 2012 has shown me some ups and downs and I’m sure it is no different for you. Some of us may have lost a loved one in a difficult break-up, while others lost a loved one in the family (may they all R.I.P.) Some may have lost a promotion at work, while others may have “lost” their work access card. I’ve personally experienced most of the above. I’ve been through a break-up, I’ve attended two funerals and as an actor, God knows how many auditions I didn’t book. But, that’s not what 2013 is about. 2013 is about moving on, moving forward and what we’re going to do to get there.

Someone once told me that when a baby is born, his destiny is already written. So with that in mind, it would be safe to say that much of our daily life is left to chance, luck and destiny. I personally believe that is only partially true. The other part is that you have to make your own luck. So whatever you think you missed out in 2012, don’t beat yourself up. Stand tall, look up, create your own opportunities for 2013 and make it happen. We often pray to God asking for favors and miracles without realizing that we have the power to make those miracles. Think about it: you have the power to fall in love again. You have the power to graduate from whatever school and you certainly have the power to hunt for a new job or audition for another role (in the case for actors). Sure, there will be bumps on the road, but that’s ok. Overcome them, take them as lessons learned and keep going.


Analyzing your achievements in the previous year can be equally important. Looking back in 2012, my film Searching For Angels with Veronika London and Vivica A. Fox premiered at Reelworld Film Festival, which was amazing, considering all festivals are flooded with submissions these days. Last year I also took a stab at producing If I Should Speak alongside director Adnan Siddiqui. I visited my family in Europe 3 times last year and I’m very grateful. Also my best friend John got engaged and my uncle Dan wedded in Romania last year. As for me, I was fortunate enough to meet the most adorable and sweet real-life princess. So despite the hard times a year an bring, there’s always a bright side to things. Focus on that.

As for the New Years resolution, don’t even get me started. I want to have a 6 pack, unless the 8 pack is on special. My New Years resolution is to simply be better at everything that I do. I’d like to be a better friend, boyfriend, son, brother, nephew, cousin, actor, producer (more on producing later on). Without sounding naive, if we can manage to be at our best at all times, something incredible must happen eventually. Someone has to notice it. Someone has to appreciate it. And if you believe in God, he will eventually reward you for your kindness 😉 So in 2013, I promise to myself that I will be a better person, including, but not limited to: eating better, sleeping more, studying more, helping more, working harder… and see what happens. The New Year has 365 days. Look at it as new book of 365 pages and you’re the author of your own life, one page at a time 😉

How was your 2012? What are your plans for 2013? Any New Years resolution you care to share?




Baby Hope script acquired!

I am pleased to announce that I have recently acquired the rights to the short script Baby Hope, written by Bruno Gomes. Initially attached to play the young upcoming father in the movie by Mr. Gomes all the way from Portugal, I opted to produce the film as well, here in Toronto. After brief negotiations, allow me to inform you that a Producer/Writer Agreement has been signed and post-production has already began at fast pace. We are already looking to attach a director this week (small hint: I have worked with her in the past, in a short film called Stray Dogs, which premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival this year).

Baby Hope will tell the story of Noelia and Armando, two upcoming young parents who passionately embrace their new roles. Despite their endless affection for the baby, they learn that the future has a not-so-welcoming surprise in store for them. The film intends to remind its audience that despite our numerous efforts in life, our destiny is written long before we even think about it and our hands are tied when attempting to change it.

I am very excited to be part of Baby Hope and to tell this story through the eyes of young father Armando. I think it’s a great opportunity for me to mature as an actor and it’s also a little bit personal. The role of Noelia will be played by the pretty Toronto actress Maiu Seguin with him I already met. She’s definitely Noelia and I can’t wait to see her in front of the camera. This will be my very first short film that I will produce entirely on my own, and the thought alone gets me hyper!

Now it’s time to prepare the upcoming meetings! Cheers!

Alberto Tihan

Alberto’s Newsletter coming soon!

I have to be admit one thing when it comes to acting: it takes forever. Not only to get rich and famous, but also to shoot the next film. Auditions are slow these days (blame it on the season, not my headshots) and whichever projects I’m attached to, they’re in development, which tends to be a very slow and long process. Oh, and the projects I’m in so far, distribution isn’t happening (fast) either. However, I do get the privilege to be a struggling actor, among many others, in the film industry. You can’t put a price on that.

So, with the too-much-time-on-my-hands, I figured I would focus on starting a Newsletter. That way, I’ll be able to send out a public email notifying all of you out there whenever there is actually something happening in my acting career; and considering the numerous projects lined up, it will get busy and exciting! (seriously).

So hang on just a few more days and the first Newsletter will be released. Since I can be very indecisive when it comes to design, choosing a template can be very frustrating. If you’d like to be the first to receive the Newsletter, simply leave your email in the comments below. (I also take constructive criticism very well).

Have a good one folks!


Alberto Tihan in Canadian Immmigrant magazine

If drive you drive around in a Lexus or MBW, you probably haven’t seen this. But if you commute on a daily basis, you most likely read those free used cars or new condos magazines distributed in the yellow boxes by the bus stop. Ever read the Canadian Immigrant magazine? Me neither. But I recently did an interview for Canadian Immigrant, and by recently I mean months ago, and I thought it went well. Here’s a picture of the article:


Unfortunately, it’s not a digital magazine and only hard-copies are available. But feel free to keep staring at the picture.

Any of you relate to this? Immigrating to a new country and working hard towards a rewarding career? What were your bigger obstacles? How does it feel to look back and see your struggles and accomplishments?



Reelworld Film Festival Part 3: The Premiere of Searching For Angels

I started this post numerous times and lost the draft just as many times, so I’ll keep this one short. In essence, I want to thank everyone that showed up to support us on the big night of the premiere. Searching For Angels screened at 5:30PM on April 14th and I was at the festival the whole day, hoping to get some media coverage. I was ready this time; no nerves, no anxiety. I was ready to give them all these intelligent answers to their simple questions. My publicist Amira came on scene and false alarm: There was no media. No journalists, no camera men; just a few photographers (Thanks a lot media). However, there were lots of family and friends to keep me busy. And a few fans (I’m being modest, there were lots of fans; the screening was sold-out). Speaking of sold-out screenings, Searching For Angels was the first film to have a sold-out screening at the festival!! We beat all the bigger films that were playing at there (High Chicago, LUV) so that alone shows how well-received the film was. The guys from the box-office almost got in trouble for printing extra tickets loll

Lots of people asked me all year long when can I see the movie, so I’m glad the opportunity finally came and my friends and family got to see it. I am extremely thankful to everyone who came out. My long-time friend Aleks drove down all the way from Montreal with his girlfriend to see the movie. Thanks bro! My entire Albanian community showed up lol: Ilva, Megi, Gleb + Olga and her parents! Thanks to Gasy, Bes, Stephan, Bogdan and Jonathan for coming! My uncle Dan, who came out for the second time (he also attended the private screening) so thanks for your ongoing support! It means a lot to me. My grandmother wouldn’t miss this for the world so she was present, very proud. She couldn’t be happier. I also want to thank to my close friends Alastair, Pranita & Ziggy, Robby, representing Porter Airlines lol (Flying Refined) My brother from another mother Jani couldn’t be there in person due to a business trip, but he was there in person. He wanted to see this movie more than anybody else. Special thanks goes to the lovely fan Tanya Bott, who’s been very supportive since my Freedom film premiere. It was nice to see her again. And last but not least, I want to thank my girlfriend Maya, who’s been very supportive all along and throughout the entire festival. I love baby 😉

When my name was on the big screen, people clapped and cheered. That’s an irreplaceable feeling. Everyone enjoyed the film, its dark cinematic style, and to my surprise, the audience got all the jokes from my character Kemo 🙂 They were there throughout the entire ride and didn’t miss one beat. They laughed at parts I didn’t even realized they were funny. So that turned out well 🙂

The after-party took place at some pub on Younge street, King of Dukes. It wasn’t a major vodka-sponsored after-party one would imagine from TIFF, but most of the cast and crew were there, and our friends. So to me, it was the more than I could ask for. To those who couldn’t make it, this is pretty much how things turned out. And to those who did come to support the film, thanks again!

Feel free tell me what are your thoughts!! How did you like the film?! And ask any questions you have, I’d be more than happy to answer them.





Reelworld Film Festival Part 2: On The Red Carpet

The Opening Night took place at a Cineplex with a screening of LUV, directed by Sheldon Candis. I arrived at the reception area, which was full of directors, actors, agents, publicists and of course, the media. For a veteran actor this would be a no-brainer. But for me, despite all the excitement and the hype around paparazzis and journalists, I was extremely nervous. Everyone was being interviewed, being photographed or chatting up a storm. So I did what we do in 2012 at a party where you only know the host: I pulled out my Smartphone and pretended to be busy 😀 I was actually texting my publicist desperately asking “Where r u???!!!” Her job was to get every journalist available to interview me. For the first few interviews, I think my legs were shaking but I can’t recall entirely; and I was mumbling in my head, thinking of an intelligent answer to simple questions like “What’s the movie about?” or “How does it feel to be here?”. Trust me, you prepare those answers in your head driving there but once you’re actually being interviewed, your mind goes blank! Of course, as an actor, a professional liar (that’s what we do best lol) I played the cool-and-confident card and I think they bought it. At least my publicist said so. This is the part where I give lots of credit to my co-star Veronica London. Besides her acting chops, the girl got interview skills. She knows how to get in there and pose next to whichever star or get interviewed by whoever has a mic in their hands. What can I say, way to go Veronika!

During the opening night, everyone’s busy doing their interviews, taking pictures and getting their coverage. Depending on the festival, that’s when the media is mostly present, on the opening and closing night. The films need to be marketed as much as possible to generate buzz; especially at festivals, because the stars are there. So I did just that. I was posing for pictures, which was nice. I got to do several interviews, which was intimidating at first but then I got the hang of it.

My favorite part of the festival was the industry panels. That’s where you get to know what’s happening in the biz, right in that moment.The panels are typically for people in the industry by people within the industry. The panels discuss topics of all kinds from writing to distribution, so it really is the most current and accurate information that you can get. I made sure to get a VIP pass, so I was there pretty much the whole week. Industry panels are great to chit chat with people who are currently working on a film, or developing a script.

You might think I’m either exaggerating but the truth is: I went to school for acting, not for fame. As actors, we’re trained to do a sad monologue or a funny scene, not to rock the carpet (although models-turned-actors are typically good at it). So you develop confidence and networking skills as you go. Yes, I looked confident; but, I was nervous since I didn’t know what to expect. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for my next festvial. This blog was meant to share my personal experience as I’m going through all these events. Feel free to ask me any questions, I’d love to answer.

Reelworld Film Festival Part 3: The Premiere of Searching For Angels – Coming Soon