The Actor

“Alberto Tihan is a an Oscar-winning and 2 times Oscar-nominated actor..” Sounds nice doesn’t? Well, I’m working on it. In a nutshell: I grew up in Montreal, moved down to Toronto before even I got accepted into Acting for Film & TV at Humber College, and I got an agent a few months after graduation. I’ll let you google me, but the highlight of my career has been the movie Searching For Angels starring Vivica A. Fox, Veronika London and myself and it premiered at Reelworld Film Festival. As if acting wasn’t enough work, I started to write screenplays, and now I’m even more busy writing a few scripts.

This blog is intended to share with you my take on this filmmaking business from an actor’s prospective, and I hope enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoy living it :D. Don’t worry, I’ll get that Oscar… one day. Until then, enjoy my blog 😉


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